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I copied this from a how to draw manga book , I tried to make little changes to her but I didn't because that would ruin the picture...
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bloodyspasm I copied this from a how to draw manga book , I tried to make little changes to her but I didn't because that would ruin the picture...
Trico 2003-06-25 17:26:37 Yeah I really loved this pic in the book, and you copied it well..b^__^d (Note: I'm not saying this to make you angry or so; the book says you can copy it, so you will not be billed for copying it in what form whatsoever.. So the publisher doesn't mind, but 'we' do when you don't mention it. (please don't get upset and all again..6^__^;;) (This really isn't an offending comment, okay?)
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Random art
Hey guys whats cooking? kekek guess its been a while sins i last posted something ^^. anyways i haven't given up on the Pikmin redesign thingy i was working on so here is the second Hell spawn pikmin: Reaper .... injoy

~Dark Mika-chan~

This is probably one of my most obscure characters so I thought she deserves some more attention. Kuroneko Mika is Kaho-chan's older sister who likes nightlife and catfights (CatFu). Mika has a rather mysterious life where she disappears during the night and nobody knows where she goes or what she does. Ironically, Mika-chan was born with a natural dark tan that contrasts with her noctural preferences. Nonetheless many are fans of her exotic personality! ^_^

PS: Here again I am mixing regular coloring with a cel-shading technique to bring out some visual contrast. 

Thanks for coming by!

* AnimeDoll by MayaX
* Hiromi custom CR2 for AD by Ken1171
* Kuroneko Mika character, hair & outfit by Ken1171
* CatGear props by Ken1171
* Cats by Mochi
sources from honeydew XD XD
Just something I drew yesterday of some random guy. (note the adams apple) It didn't take more than 15 minutes to draw. I just wanted to see if I could (still) draw a decent profile. We discussed drawing profiles in drawing class last week. We haven't actually drawn any people or animals yet. We've been doing mostly cube-based images. 

Drawn with an HB mechanical pencil on sketchbook paper.
His freaking pic again eyes nose and mouth by me... tihiihih
I was practising my new art program and this is the result b^.^d (ps pleas command my art)
pencil no jutsu
This is how I would like to see Ryu in Street Fighter 4!
This is a character from my fantasy based story. He's half human and half dark elf. And the scar on his neck is from where his dark elf grandmother try to slit his throat.
It's been a while huh?
Here's a little something :3
she Waits fOr ThA Rain...?
hi me again, hu hah! as i promised...le coloured version, if ya think da bg is crap, send comolaints mattmolko's way....HE DID IT!hahahahaha
Matt: I KNO IT SHITT ><><><><
Makiko waited, but Itachi never returned.
Did this for a friend of mine. Visit me at for more!