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Drawn this for no reason.... The sketch was done during class (The most productive time??? ^^;) I am still so suck at drawing creatures ^^; -- 12 May 2003 -- Inked by Pilot G-tech.
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mirage-maiden Drawn this for no reason.... The sketch was done during class (The most productive time??? ^^;) I am still so suck at drawing creatures ^^; -- 12 May 2003 -- Inked by Pilot G-tech.
The Raging Spaniard 2003-05-14 02:36:46 pretty...imaginative i guess ill say..cant really figure out whats up with the wings..but i really like it. The one bad thing, you made the most f* up legs in existance (if thats what those are) , but its a sketch, whatever ^_^ good clothes design though
mirage-maiden 2003-05-14 02:46:03 Wow! You notice that too? ^^; I thought I hide it pretty well XP And...This ain't a sketch, it's a finished lineart ^_~
Def Character 2003-05-14 11:42:21 Very Nice? the head of tha bird could use some more detail
Dustin C. 2003-05-14 13:44:07 nice
Remi 2003-05-14 13:44:58 Wow.. that's some bird ^^ Awesome pic.
Miyabi 2006-01-22 13:03:20 Wow-her hair is awesome. When I draw someone's hair it's just strait and boring. Your style is amazing!!!
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Random art
My first P.N.03 Art. I guess many of you don't know the game. But it's a cool game if you like shoot em ups ;). it's all done in PhotoShop, with mouse again. I like the style of it. The girl (Vanessa) is the leadplayer of the game. The mecha's are enemies offcourse. I tried to create the common graphic leveldesign you see in the game. Since it's all done with mouse by head, some perspective views may be wrong, but I really like this art. I'll do one again tonight, when she enters the last boss. For the folks that have played the game. Any ideas of defeating the last boss? Cause it sickens me...-__-. but I hope you'll like this art.
Hahahaha, this was a lot of fun to make. Post-Apocalyptic version of my friend Sam (sam is a very successfull with the ladies dude from New Zealand). I wonder how bad I could make him look while still making him scary as hell, and this came up. Extremely ahppy with it, but please critque the hell out of it anyways
The Raging Spaniard
HELP !!!! I'm having trouble with the tail, it looks kinda flat, I need tips and/or any other help!!! 0_0

heej it has been a long time but here is some art of me ^_^
pencil no jutsu
Wind... just practicing... Crits please...
GUH. The proportions is this suck. How do i drawed enormous head?

Oh well, at least I drew something.
trying to get better at eye color - i think i did pretty well with this one
Hi all =3 long time not been here. I like the way the art is organised now Def!

anyway, I thought I'd upload something =) just a random scene.

read from right to left. hope you like it
EDIT - Worked on it some more.. and I forgot to "proof colours to Monitor RBG!!"
Critiques/comments welcomed!
I think the orange still makes him look slightly like a monk?
My friend june at Hogwartss. She would be a Gryffindor, definately. LOL. Anyhow. I did this when my dad was performing at the coffeehouse. 8D Twas fun.
a sketch of Isamu's Super Sledge Hamer Atack!!!!
Yes, naruto fanart. Yes, selfmade character. Yes, crappy colors. Yes, JPEG. Yesm with the mouse. No, someone didn't figure-poop on his face.