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For a small image (A6-A7), this looks pretty good ^^; I drew this during class for Yanz (Opalmfire in MWN) Style must have been influenced by Desty ^^; Inked by Pilot G-tech.
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mirage-maiden For a small image (A6-A7), this looks pretty good ^^; I drew this during class for Yanz (Opalmfire in MWN) Style must have been influenced by Desty ^^; Inked by Pilot G-tech.
Def Character 2003-05-07 09:30:19 It looks great? exept for: Her feet are to big and her trigger finger looks awfully long. The overall look is awsome. Like to see more?
Zeiroid 2003-05-07 12:16:56 Wowie I really want to see you do more sci-fi stuff ^_^ .. A6-A7 ??!!? How do you keep everything so detailed ?!?!
mirage-maiden 2003-05-08 02:09:07 Thanks for pointing out the mistakes. I still much to learn ^^V It's a small pic, hard to keep up with the details, but I think small pics are easier to draw than big pictures. I enjoy drawing sci-fi, I think I will draw more, but usually they don't look too good so....^^;
phexus 2003-05-08 05:51:47 Very Clean line art. Good job
AIKUZA 2004-10-27 00:01:53 very nice. Great line art. All yor art rocks as usual. I'm quite a fan of your style ;)
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Random art
My character Aurora. :D Done with sharpies and colored pencils.
"nooh...why cant you understand?" T.T
well another summon design this will be more the swamp/posion type summon
Tifa fanart I made on holiday. Her glove might be a bit off. (didn't have an example to look at ^_^)
~Dark Mika-chan~

This is probably one of my most obscure characters so I thought she deserves some more attention. Kuroneko Mika is Kaho-chan's older sister who likes nightlife and catfights (CatFu). Mika has a rather mysterious life where she disappears during the night and nobody knows where she goes or what she does. Ironically, Mika-chan was born with a natural dark tan that contrasts with her noctural preferences. Nonetheless many are fans of her exotic personality! ^_^

PS: Here again I am mixing regular coloring with a cel-shading technique to bring out some visual contrast. 

Thanks for coming by!

* AnimeDoll by MayaX
* Hiromi custom CR2 for AD by Ken1171
* Kuroneko Mika character, hair & outfit by Ken1171
* CatGear props by Ken1171
* Cats by Mochi
Hi there, well this was just some monster practice and just learned the word onida that´s demon whright?
this is not my artwork , this a profile picture .
a little late but HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Dustin C.
I found the software for my scanner :D but haven't scanned anything yet, so until I do, here's a Typography piece from my Dig. Imaging class(picture is of me). spent 8-10 hours on it in PSCS2(wish I coulda used Illustrator)
lil' sketch!
A peacock I drew and lost the reference. (c) ME.
my little sister wanted me to draw a princess xD
hehe, pretty much my freshman year of college
nother one, in process of completion as well.