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my magical call girl Aiko!
Its from a short story i made up,about a lonesome boy who gets a phone number from an oldman he helpt to a magical sexline^_^
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paper-samurai my magical call girl Aiko! Its from a short story i made up,about a lonesome boy who gets a phone number from an oldman he helpt to a magical sexline^_^
Def Character 0000-00-00 00:00:00 Nice Scene?
sacha 0000-00-00 00:00:00 This kinda sounds like video girl Ai or maby ahh my it, you don't want to get mixed up with copyright and all.
paper-samurai 0000-00-00 00:00:00 copywright?~:)hey i'm just a kid,like someone would notice or care.
paper-samurai 2003-05-08 16:15:36 boom,bam,bom
AIKUZA 2004-12-01 22:54:30 nice concept. nice artwork. nice girl, nice coloring. The phone reminded me of a vacuumcleaner instead of a.... phone yes. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
paper-samurai 2005-03-28 11:31:46 how the hell does this remind you of a vacuumcleaner?!
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Random art
YO!!! I finally got the chance to upload a new pic! i had a the lineart done for about a month before i could put it on the computer for coloring. Anyway, if you dont know who this is, it's Riddick from "Chronicles of Riddick".  A nice purple and black motif which somehow seems to fit. anyway, the caption for this pic is "Get that damn light out of my eyes."
Dustin C.
because you don't. anybody here listen to a perfect circle? trying to express how much pain is involved when your heart is really broken...i'm sad...
i don't think this one needs any explanation. I'm thinking  of also making a colored version.
Makiko waited, but Itachi never returned.
Been quite a bit since I've drawn.  Did this while waiting to go to work this morn.
its not finnished yet but anyhows have alook  i pritty proud of this cause a suck at BG's and this aint to bad ^^ 
hopeyall like it 
it's a coloured version of one of my older pics...anybody thinks this one's better , or is it worse?
Random doodles I'v drawn today XD
<sub> Yaaaay. It's the Front Cover of my manga, The Warehouse. ^_^ Before anyone gets smart-alecky or is bewildered, he's NOT walking in the snow shirtless. He's walking through the snow after a battle. His shirt is actually torn. .-. Yes. <p>.<p>© 2007 TARA-LYNN SHARROCK
This I drew right around the same time I drew Adrian.  I felt like drawing a fan art, and I was still in my mode of experimenting with shading, sooo, out came a shaded picture of Miho-San in an odd sort of Kimono thingy ^^  *sigh* Miho would never make that face tho.. oh well  the gloves are cool, yah  ^^
konnichiwa minnasan, hisashiburi da ne ^^" ( for the ones who don't understand: hey guys, it's been a while huh) anyways, I was trying something new ( at least that's what I thought :3 it's a picture of a girl, kind of ecchie. I hope it looks good, cause I haven't done anything on the computer for a long time, so *hehe* crits and comments is always welcome
Advice for comics please..
A dragon that I drew for school and almost drives me crazy, becoz when I drew this I kept on mumbling " Dragon~~ Dragon~~~ " And scares all my roomates. They must be thinking that I am nuts ^_^;; (P.S inked by Staedler)
it is a sketch, but wid colouring pencil..does it stil count as a sketch? n e way, i drew this from a picture that i saw some ware b4, but that was years it reminds me of me nd my boy friend =p leave a comment if u like..