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Nameless - I gave the finished original, coloured by hand, to my girlfriend - jan 2001
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KurriKlown Nameless - I gave the finished original, coloured by hand, to my girlfriend - jan 2001
KurriKlown 2003-11-10 21:32:42 .neko.excel.> Sure, go ahead. This is really an old drawing though, one of my first in manga-style.
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Random art
...this is some of my old works, but suitable for introducing myslef (I hope at least)
This is Shiro playing the flute-- duh. ^^ COMMENT ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED! ^^
first of all I didnt draw this. 
the original sketch is owned by a friend from deviantart called: blackroses22.
She wanted to draw my character Uezurii, and then asked me if I could line art it and colour.

I hope it looks oké, especially the shading, this is my first atempt at shading a full body. I'll try to get it even better next time. but I do need you people to point parts out I guess, thanks :D
i draw sam bleah stuff b^^d!!!!!
pencil no jutsu
this is a little piece i did . both people in it are actually rivals in a game and always trash talk each other one is super laid back and the other is very serious and a perfectionist
One of the later main antagonists in my comic. I know I messed up with the hand.

 	BTW, sorry for taking so long to post new pictures, I haven't drawn lately because I'm drawing the actual comic itself now.
A Sentinel from the matrix! I  saw a concept art of this somewhere and so I drew it after that example..hope u like it
A character for a manga I'm working on.
hi there
tell me what you think of this 
i made it last week
Chii from Chobits. I designed the dress myself X3
this is lalina my origi. character. she is the moon. i didn't finish yet.
first of all: the head is really far to big compared to the body :S

the hand most in front is kinda big too...but i especially made this for training my coloring, witch is getting better and better.
now i still have to learn the proportions...witch is very hard for me somehow :S

but i like the outcome, no matter the proportions ^^

i made this work with pastel by the way..i just <3 pastel ;)
 This is Link from Legend of Zelda. I drew this with a permanent marker on a piece of cardboard. I then colored it on Photoshop.