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hey! well, Riot kinda
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The Raging Spaniard hey! well, Riot kinda "requested" this one, and Im veery glad he did since I think this is one of my best new pieces :), it was all done in pencil and then retouched in photoshop. Vagrant Story and all related characters as well as the logo are copyright to Squaresoft, so please leave them alone kids :). Well, this is fun so a Chrono Trigger drawing is next, hope you guys like this one :D
paper-samurai 0000-00-00 00:00:00 i dont even have to say it looks great...Seems its kinda youre trademark,making it look great:) ehm by the way,what pencel(or somthing did you use?)
The Raging Spaniard 0000-00-00 00:00:00 Thanks a lot for the comments ^___^, as far as the questions,it probably took about 8 hours to make, i sketched it out with a blue pencil and then did the finished pencils with a 3H (which is a pretty hatd led) original size was 15 by 10 inches (in Europe that would be A3 i think right, the big piece of paper?)and then on photoshop i changed the color of the linework to that greenish looking color it has (i think it makes it easier on the eyes), so yeah, glad you guys liked it!
The Raging Spaniard 0000-00-00 00:00:00 nah, it would kill me to color it ^__^UUU, any takers?
Luna 2005-11-11 14:40:01 I'd love to color it
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one of my fave anime character....*drum roll! Faye Valentine...the sexiest of them all...just like me...hehehehe ^_^'
i drew this using only my tablet and photoshop. my friend wanted me to draw her but im not good at realistic drawing, so i drew a anime style that tries to keep her realistic feature but i fail horribly, lmao. im really disspointed with the hair because it was all so blurry so i had to blurr the face to match the hair T_T hair is so hard to do =( it will be a long time till i can do the hair probally with the current style =(
A drawing of Prince Jamali of Celosia Nai's rival.
hehe, pretty much my freshman year of college
this is Hayate when he transformed. his name has become Shin, wich means "True". This is 2 years later though, so I tried to make him look more mature. and he got short hair, like I do now. his transformation btw is not physical but in ways of energy and technique. so you know ^_^
I copied this from a how to draw manga book , I tried to make little changes to her but I didn't because that would ruin the picture...
A "comic" I am making for a friend of mine. It's read from left to right, except for the first panel... but anyone that reads the lines can figure that out right? XD
this is another one of the sory i have with 2 other friends.
this one is charlie and she has the power of wind (like you can see she's flying)

i know she's really to thin in the middle, thats to bad :(

i hope you like it!
Tokyo Babylon - Hokuto Sumeragi (2000) ///// 
Outlines: black Indian ink & stenography pen tip / 
Medium: marker (Letraset Tria Marker) / 
Background: computer effect /
Paper type: laserprint; 80g/m² / 
Size: DIN A3 
never is too late for a kingdom hearts II fanart.
I soooooo love this drawing! it's my best work up till now (I personaly think^^'), though risa's leg's are a bit weard ^~^'. Satoshi Hikari and Risa Harada from DN Angel ©
re-uploading again... :D

Anyways, here's the cover for the "coman" manga that my friend and I are writing... 
I don't really like it though O_O it seems a bit unclean.

im not that happy w/ the result.  it looks too si-fi.