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It's been awhile, and I am sooo busy >_< I am still learning how to draw better wings. I wasn't satisfied with this one, but overall it's pretty good ^^; Inked by Pilot G-tech.
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mirage-maiden It's been awhile, and I am sooo busy >_< I am still learning how to draw better wings. I wasn't satisfied with this one, but overall it's pretty good ^^; Inked by Pilot G-tech.
mirage-maiden 0000-00-00 00:00:00 Well, I am aiming more to real life human body, rather than general anime, that's why her head is small, coz that's what real people generally have ^^
mirage-maiden 2003-07-20 03:46:23 This pic I used Pilot G-tech/hi-tech, it's not really an art pen, but I used it all time since I am drawing manga. Even when I have much more expensive pen/brand right now, I still use it ^_~
zakuro 2004-03-27 05:19:03 i love the hair, it completes the picture, without it the pic wouldnt be so great... ok i lied, but its not hair you can draw so well
Sarin_Cloud 2012-02-04 05:10:37 good. study anatomy a little and use natural poses like study the way the human body moves. but your an amazing artist keep at it.
Sarin_Cloud 2012-02-04 05:12:38 I'm not the best artist but email me if you want a few pointers.
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Random art
Heres another pic of Wolfwood
i'm workin on flexability and position
just a sketch,maybe a little more work would make it better,but the idea is nice:)
[[ updated#1: the leg ._. what do you think now? ]]~~~~~~ a request for someone at gaia. I dont think she will like it, there is nothing special about it. I went lazy on the background. I dont know what to do when it has many details like buildings, what to draw, what not to draw. >_< its a bit frustrating
whelp, really just a quick sketch of a couple of potential DnD characters that I decided to use for coloring practice. They're faces are a bit weird, tho I kinda like the way the woman's turned out. Nehoo, at the time I couldn't draw hands, so I just made them the bubbly kinda... hope that doesn't take too much away from the picture ;P
i think it turned out good =] school project...we're reading the Odyssey and drawing a greek god was a project option b^^ i hope i get an A xD comments are goood >_<
evilness has found it's way into your door step, quick run!! owh too late, you're already dead XD is this heaven? >.>
The Bio War has started everyone flee !!! :P heehh well ass for why i made this, mister Bio-Dwarf himself has aged another year so this weekend he had his birthday party (whits had many beers :D) and just like last year i made some fan-art like thingy of his bio-dwarfs. Well this came out. i made the 3D models whit 3d-max and i draw the background whit photoshop. (ow and sorry this aint manga but i still wanted to show it)

Its been a while since I uploaded some art so I thought I'll show you a thing I'm working on. The lineart is done, now all I need is to color it!!

This is the first of a series I'm going to make. Its about girls with signs, if you think about a few fun ones let me know...

Zydrate Robber
OpenCanvas - 2007
This is a skater girl that I drew, I think I'll draw a motocrosser next.
a samurai i did b4 but in color ^^ hope yall like it
I mysef call it.....'Ifrit's eye candy' ^^'. I had forgotten my holy drawingbook, that's what the stripes are for.