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Harouk My own style Manga
Prototype 2017-02-03 02:49:27 I really like the hair and the upper body. The folds in the pants are appealing, but unnatural. Plus his legs overlap incorrectly. I should see more of the right leg and less of the left. You chose an excellent color for the skin, and it matches the color of the eyes.
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Random art
2 of the same pic of chibi craig mouse drawn ^^  but whitch style of color looks better


heh, it occured to me that despite my obsession with it, I had, like, no Excel Saga fanarts up on the net xD  (save for that puny little doll I put on devart..) so, here it is, a humble little fanart to fill the gap ^^
and here's the final result hope it can be seen here.
oh and if you want to use it, feel free to do it
This is Shinji! All you shoujo lovin girl are gonna love him! He's my demonic little rockstar! He's a total flirt and since he's apart of a rock band that's just taken off he's gonna have alot of fun with his skills! My friend begged me to draw him in a sexy light so here he is! I haven't really decide what kind of demon he is but I wanted him to have the long elf ears! Even though he's not an elf^_^!
science lab sketch
Very old.  this is what i used to do instead of paying attention in class...
this is an old drawing that i fix up at
 Eruru Fanart from Utawarerumono, I really like the anime style. I suggest anyone looking for a good war anime check this out, the cute girls is a plus :D
just a doodle 
made up mummy chick
nuttin new
Nothing much lately. Only this pic. I know it's awfully.. correct? I wanna put more creativity onto the few drawings I make. (no more oc-drawing maybe ;D)
how have you all been?~
it really has been quite a while, and I do apologize for not being more...well...alive~
i have been checking the work that you all have been posting, and i'm glad to see the fluid and constant creative activity* keep it up!

i've recently returned to my hometown and starting a new route again...i don't know what's next, and i just hope that you all are finding the summer to be enlightening and inspiring.  this is just a little tidbit of the work i've been doing~~i'll hopefully be posting more in the forum, so please take a look if and when you can~

i'm really happy to see all of you again, and i hope to hear from you***
My character Aurora. :D Done with sharpies and colored pencils.