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jason mp3 juice
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Random art
a trial wallpaper only. Using adobe illustrator only....and there's not title for it because is a trial..
my second drawing added , i like it hope u do to
wiley justin
I love bad they don't exist.
anyway...hope you like it ^ ^
well these are a few sketches i made for a char designes for a animation i want to make
me and my gf charlotte i think wen ive neatend it ill water color it ^^ itl give a umm "soft" or "insert better word here" lol  effect
anywas commentsnes splz and hope ya like it
this is a little zombie girl with a big sword enough said bahahahaha
Sasuke rocking out
an hornless fantroll sketch. I got bored sketched it then decided what to use it for I will upload the full troll pic soon. His name is Kelics sarisk. He is the prince of shadows.
It was a work for a client.
Rael Mochizuki
her name is October. haha. i randomly created her during one "extremely interesting" accounting class.

Client work.

Other paintjobs and visit my website for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.


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Ninja lady no reference used but in the end she looked like a Naruto character. Give me some honoust crits, i can take it ^^
pencil no jutsu
Murphy haha.