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Dragon Ball fanart

It was a work for a client.
Artist Description
Rael Mochizuki It was a work for a client.
jazylh 2016-08-09 06:56:37 Nice job!
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Random art
I just felt like trying to draw someone fighting for a change. What do you think?
Yeah.. just messing around. Not much to say really. Let me know what you think ^^
My first ever wolf drawing!!
Zydrate Robber
Yeah!! I got inspiration again!!! I really like how her dress came out. Background is not mine, but i'm still loving it! ^^
Just the girl next door ^_^
I like her the most^^ next to Dizzy she kicks som mayor @$$!!

i hope you like it^^
I drew this cute little girl during art class last year. Well, she got me a free 100 for the day so she gets too grace the pages of this site!^_^!
If anime was real...well, that will just be awesome.

Keep on drawing mangakas, Peace! *I think I will change my name to VampireMonkey*

Decided to do something different today .... it resulted in this bunny/deformed pikachu/ monster thingie .... I also found out that I'm awful at sewing >.<''
This art means too me "Never Give up" the paper version Looks much  bether!! that why the colors don't look so pretty.....comment please....
just something i drew out of boredom..
I put this under line-art , not coloured , because I just used some fluo markers on I said , I want a cg-coloured line-art of my character..but that's just gonna be a dream forever...must improve now...
i made this art yesterday :)
i was supposed to make a logo for school but i didn't for some reason :P

its not done either, i will finish it soon.

i like it trough accept for some small mistakes :P

hope you all like it!
comments are welcome! :)
This is KBP2. He 's a Kazahana cyborg.