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Male Poses Study

Oh, just practicing. I wanted to get better on male proportions and I love muscles!
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Gabbychan Oh, just practicing. I wanted to get better on male proportions and I love muscles!
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Random art
My friend rae in her band costume. ^ ^
Zydrate Robber
the fireback snapper is a dragon that has a strip of ever burning fire running down all the way from its neck to the tip of its tail. fireback snapper (c) emerson tung.
i think theyre rly cute ^^
altough it didnt work out as pretty as i hoped.. <=(
Enjoy the art work mangakas! I hope you like it!

@(-_-)@ U
Manga Art
glommy bear.wee. did this in my first attempt at flash. wanna see the flash see here-->
Fanart of Samurai Deeper Kyo's Izumo No Okuni. I've been working on this every now and then for about a month now. It feels good to get back to at least a little bit of anime. Comments?
"RETRO" a pic with Wonder Woman and She-Ra in a kinda retro style
Some abstract work of mine, illustrator and photoshop work. Wanted to try something new again. My portfolio of artworks is so big now, I cant even upload all. But I try. Hope you'll appreciate this kinda artwork. byebye kleiduif
I like this one. Still needs improvment though!
still working on making anime type artwork.  2nd attempt.
i wanted to draw a 10 yr old. didnt come out nice.
Royal Icing manga, pg 34, available on and in print on
=D ANIMATED!!! ^^ wiiiii!!!! . althought i am not very keen on christmas, this is my kind of christmas: summer, hot days and hot nights, one sad looking christmas tree, firework, etc; spending  christmas eve at my grandparents house ... that was a long time ago. sorry about the image size. =3. no snow or big fat santa for me ^-^