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4 Seasonal Exorcists

New character, Nichole Greens © Gabby Oduro
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Gabbychan New character, Nichole Greens © Gabby Oduro
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Random art
Either "I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed." or "Life. Don't talk to me about life." Quicky, photoshop. Dont ya just love Marvin? xD
And another DA request wich was supposed to be a chibi. Lost my pencil that time so had to use a pen....wich fails D=
Man it's been a very long time! I doubt someone remembers me anymore, i was known as SSS! Since i deleted my account then, so now i wanted to upload one of my older better works! My powerlevel has gone up since then as well, good to be back!
well this is summon nummer 2 for the game i realy like how it turned out ^^
Page one of my old first chapter for my manga story. I am looking for an artist, too...
some art I made on paint hehe.
I made this with the mouse
Poor,poor mouse XD
just made it....its a dark evil boy.....meybe the Good boy?
It's an old drawing I made in the 3rd grade :P I'm not gonna upload from bad to good or something :P I'll random upload and I'll see the comments in a week or 2 :P byebye ^^
cute maid girl i drew a long time ago------- originally posted at
evil lizard
I finally got myself a graphire4 4x5 tablet, it was really hard to use that i pretty much wanted to give up using it. I was just creating some random lines  on photoshop and somehow gave me an outline in my head so i use it to draw this picture. (i hid the random line layer) Sadly it didn't turn out well as expected, but i was happy with it.
His name is turbo
My friend Rob next to his fav. anime character
Its a mecha so fat that it can't fight well so it uses puppets