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Kirie Kasumi with Azure Flame Scythe

Artwork of my Character that I made, Kirie Kasumi. 
6 hours workload
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Mmmmt555 Artwork of my Character that I made, Kirie Kasumi. 6 hours workload
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Random art
just something i drew during math class.. oh the boredom truly is unbearable xD
Due to summer holidays I finally found the time to ink this piccie .. Still too slow though .. Hopefully the color version will be a success ^_^
urm a cowgirls its ony a sketch it was origionaly done in biro 
i dunno why i colord it i kno the colorings poo i dident spend time on it lol but i like the drawing ^^ 
any how ~ ja-ne
more color practice. and first atempt at drawing a plushie. also tried something new with the line art. Hope it's oké. enjoy!
Chibi made in Corel Draw, I had alot of fun making this
Gimmie the Exterminator
This is so old. 8D But I still love it.... old mangafied "Tailchaser's Song" fanart I did a while back... I wanted to do a fanart for that book so bad, but I suck at drawing cats. So voila, catboys. *shame* Anyone who's read the book can probably figure out who these three are. Even if the one in the middle is supposed to be fat, not bulky. And no, THE GUY ON THE RIGHT ISN'T KURAMA. Dx Thx.
[[ updated#1: the leg ._. what do you think now? ]]~~~~~~ a request for someone at gaia. I dont think she will like it, there is nothing special about it. I went lazy on the background. I dont know what to do when it has many details like buildings, what to draw, what not to draw. >_< its a bit frustrating

These are the Ashleys.  They were friends of mine who went to my old high school.  I don't know, I think I totally butchered this sketch with the computer.

anela and her valentine luke. done in pastel chalk
Everyones fave headgehog