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Kirie Kasumi with Azure Flame Scythe

Artwork of my Character that I made, Kirie Kasumi. 
6 hours workload
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Mmmmt555 Artwork of my Character that I made, Kirie Kasumi. 6 hours workload
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Random art
This is my first submission!!! YAY!!! I did this a while back and always meant to cg it but never got around to it.
i extremly adore drawings and art and manga charachters and especially being creative and really hard working
yeah I decided to go old fashioned and just color with pencils :)
forgot to mention yesterday.. those other two posts... i did the coloring in painter IX. i had just installed it yesterday and wanted to try it out. those were my first two attempts this is my surprising myself... really didn't know i culd color this well. luvin painter!! also... aphrodite bout the messup with germaine... actually i was randomly looking for sketches to color... in didn't know much bout the character. this one is colored by me ..artist unknown.
and here I am with my new female character. I hope the anatomy is good enough. what do you guys think of it?
just recently got a new ink pen set, and i wanted to try it out! My cousin suggested the tutu, so i worked from there.  i know i need work in some places, so critiques appreciated!!
Much newer pic. ^^ This one is of Ryu and Kei floating in mid-air. Warning: both are nude, but no "naughty bits" are showing. ^_~
comments please!
Happy color girl! ^_~ Suggestions are welcome
I suck when I draw on the computer but my mom stole my scanner.
Sorry that it is so well...Blah!
Comments are always welcome
It's a picture of the apocalypse in all its poetic beauty. The little dots everywhere are actually people fighting far away and getting killed by gigantic meteors. Oh and the big demon is supposed to be Satan.
Fear the demon cow, it wants to eat your soul O_O''
i like dis one a lot ;)