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1st attempt

this is my 1st attempt adding color on the computer.  Any suggestions?
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jwcrutc this is my 1st attempt adding color on the computer. Any suggestions?
Zeph 2013-12-03 02:29:46 For your first attempt, this is nicely done. Coloring is very difficult, especially on the computer. For your next attempt, try to show more shadows/shading. You had such wonderful shading on the pencil version of this, that I'm a little sad to not see it on this one.
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the first time I made a drawing with only shade colors and pen AND pensil. I'm verry proud of it, the negative is on my background and it really has a creapy effect. krad and satoshi are actualy from DN Angel ©
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something I drew for my gf, and it's been a while huh? :D My pics become too lage for mangaworkshop so...ehehe...too lazy to resize them too.... ah well XD here are me and my gf as plushies sitting on a bad drawn desk with a picture of them next to them standing on the desk, sorry I fail at drawing backgrounds and objects ^^'
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PLEASE COMMENT! Haven't uploaded in a while :( This one's still quite sketchy, and there might be some flaws, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. What can I do for background?? Please, help me!! ^_^
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Whee it was a contest entry on devart for a Back to School theme for Dragon Knights. Thatz and Kitchel, with Kitchel having a really weird colored uniform...erm...*coughs* She is SUPPOSED to be in that weird placed position because it was supposed to be a random sort of thing. I was gonna put others but ran out of space and juice (and couldn't decide who >.o) Background made out of random brushes. Burning layers is fun x3
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