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Spirit of the fox - warrior

Trying to get back into drawing again. Had to dust off the wacom to create this line art :).
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edragon Trying to get back into drawing again. Had to dust off the wacom to create this line art :).
FirstBorn 2013-09-21 09:38:46 Wow! Seems like you haven't lost your touch. ^_~
Zeph 2013-10-04 20:20:18 Glad you got back into drawing!
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Gin Ichimaru
heres my new character shes fisty and bubbley :3 i thought i will go for a playfull and cute pose please let me know wat u think of her^-^(i know the floor and drawers are bad but i just wanted to finish it=^-^=
this is actually pretty old, but I still like the idea of it, and the shading, compared to my usual, isn't half bad xD  I wanted to draw a girl...a little more plump than most Anime girls are, but still looking pretty.  So, here she is ^^  ... I think I made her arm too big ._o  ah well *sigh*

Zydrate Robber
just an artwork..hehe..
Sorry, Abit late for Christmas, but this was one of the Christmas cards made and sold for Pizazz co. Just ask rill, he'll upload his :P Even though theyre not strictly manga :P I just thought people might like them :P
one of my best paintings for now! ^^ i was sooo proud when i finished it!
I guess I was in the mood for this ^_^' I'm actually pretty happy with this one, so please comment ^___^
My own little Tribute.
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ahhh, another picture of Kuon *huggles RahXephon*  doon't ask where this came from because I honestly don't know =/  I was gonna draw either Kamina or Mishima trying to hold her back, but... it never happened, so she just can't reach it on her own fault ;^^  hehe, reach, kuon, reach! You've almost got it! xD
leon from resident evil 6 as a zombie let me know if you like it
XD  I hope you like it
my christmasbear