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michinori- kawashima

This character name Kawashima one of the main character of my manga (michinori)
Artist Description
yukinori asuka This character name Kawashima one of the main character of my manga (michinori)
FirstBorn 2013-09-12 09:26:26 Awesome pose! Also the hands are done really well. Love to see more!
Zeph 2013-10-04 20:16:16 I love the movement in this! (Though I can't tell what it is that his has kicked, and my first thought was 'a dog' haha)
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Random art
this is my best mecha untill now
so i'm satisfied about this one
i drew this 4 my cusin she wanted to have her bedroom in leperd print and asked me to design a character  her so i felt abloyged ^-^. i hope u like it too!!
It's Jing from King of Bandits Jing! First fanart in a looong time and a non-Dragon Knights one at that xD Anyway, I like everything except his hair which reminds me of Yugi, Goku, and Crim -_-;;; I originally had Kir in there but...I ended up cutting him out cos he was just bad >.o; Maybe next time I'll get him ><
Media: Coloured pencils<br>
Paper type: brown paper; 140 g/m²<br>
Size: A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)<br>
Time: 11 h<br>
Issue 1 cover for FirePath haha
i drew one of my characters over in a different style from my own... not being yourself is hard work :(
AAAAHHHHH Look aT thIs h0w nIce  :P
Another crappy sketch. It actually looked better when it was REALLY sketchy, but of course I had to ruin it with shading. :/ My art teacher was nagging me to draw some figure art, so this is what he got. Badly drawn. No references. 10 minutes. 8D Go me. It looks like a futanari with washboard abs; those hips are way too feminine. Uh... yeah. Lousy sketch - no crits. I know of all of my anatomy flaws. 8D   - by the way, it's supposed to be like one of those Greek statues that invaders destroyed- hence the lack of limbs and a head. And the very blatant greek-ness of it.
Pg 23 from chapt 10 of AOY
this is my fan art of vannilla. i love to draw her hair! her hand is kinda funny though.
This is one of my character designs in front of some sort of futuristic city-scape...I didn't realize until I was done that his shadow is going the wrong way =.=" Pointers and such always appreciated. Oh and btw this was all done on Adobe Photoshop Essentials 5...
Well I have been gone for quite a while but I will be uploading more frequently now
Tachi Kawa's Model Design sheet for void! it includes all important aspects and his attacks as well. i think it came out well. ^^
Dustin C.
well.. my plan for this is a comic cover but..whatever