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michinori- kawashima

This character name Kawashima one of the main character of my manga (michinori)
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yukinori asuka This character name Kawashima one of the main character of my manga (michinori)
FirstBorn 2013-09-12 09:26:26 Awesome pose! Also the hands are done really well. Love to see more!
Zeph 2013-10-04 20:16:16 I love the movement in this! (Though I can't tell what it is that his has kicked, and my first thought was 'a dog' haha)
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Pages 7 and 8 of Chapter 6 AOY yay =D
Huh?! A beachgirl drawing in winter? That's right^_~ Don't you miss those warm days ^_^
Anyway, drawn on paper, photographed and coloured on the computer using Photoshop.
Tell me what you think^_~
Just something I'm working on ... erm, nothing special really, just another cat boy thingie X3
This is a updated version of my wolf girl character
Greets MWS! Here is an art of mine I made dec 2006. I actually had time to color this sketch of the many I have. Maybe more will come soon again. For now, Enjoy the weather somehow :I ~Aikuza
been pretty long since my last i thought i'd just upload some of my sketches:P
this one's (obviously) inspired by UT.
ultraviolence uber alles,baby!
I just copie a picuter from naruto :p
Wow, i'm sorry, its been a while, ever since I started college i feel like i have no spare time... but here... Alissa and Peter... lol, i keep changing how they look
I was in a good mood today^^
Well, I used to watch every X-men ep on tv, and on a (once again) nothing-to-do evening I made this drawing of a girl in X-men style. Haven't got a name for it, any suggestions?
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!^.^
a quick sketch of my avatar Mai Lan from gaiaonline ^-^
This is a Bunny killer! She doesn't kill bunny's but is a bunny(-lady) who kills ^^; I was inspired by Desty Nova with the bunny ears and this came out! Colored the line art with OpenCanvas.