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Black Butler sebastain n cat

i know the cat not so good but i the rest is pretty cool...rite?
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Suya i know the cat not so good but i the rest is pretty cool...rite?
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Omg -___- dont ask me why i drew this x'D , the right is a kopie ok -__- but the left isn't...... hmm x'D omg i am so stupid to draw such childish things x'D
HELP!! I am working on this pic but i like always mess up the hair. I wonderd if you guys could help me out? P.S My scanner is nog so good so there are black dots on the pic..srry about that-_-;
I made this one just jet
A normal human once but when her parents died. She became an assassin for hire.
Old Man Buddha
the discription in the drawing says:

Tell me we'll go here sometimes.

just the two of us.
This is one of the first I ever made, it's just a simple draw.
an waitress, not happy with it at all >.< criticize please!!
when i thought i lost the one my friend made my friends is better......................................................
XD i know it's not anime/manga, but critics are welcome, i tried to paint chinese style
 \(@.@)/ , i called it: birdie that looks up XD
Here's page 2 of my mini kakashi - iruka comic ^_^ just the tiniest bit of shonen-ai...really tiny though ^__~ Please comment
Wii Piece #3!!! 
Franky and Brooke playing the Nintendo Wii early in the morning. Come on, you know Brooke is gonna join.
Themed after Tom Cruise's movie "Risky Business".
This pic is totally not all....even with the hot pink couch.
What game could they be playin? Look at the clues carefully. and try to spot the hidden pandaman!
Dustin C.
Tip of the day  #00
To avoid the "flying shoes phenomenon" when playing Soccer please tie the Shoestrings
i really like the eyes...
3 or 4 years old