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Black Butler sebastain n cat

i know the cat not so good but i the rest is pretty cool...rite?
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Suya i know the cat not so good but i the rest is pretty cool...rite?
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Random art
its goku from dragonball z
hee, these two characters are from my funny story "magicstones" I hope you like it!!! do you like it??
another line art of Maru Nagashiwa. I kinda thought her last pose was so standard, so I wanted her in a more action-like pose. this is my result. alot more to come, because you've only seen 3 characters up till now XD muahahaha. ( keep in mind that this lineart is made for digital coloring, so eyes and such aren't filled XD hehehe)
Random thought
A super basic manga coloring from last year using a paint tool
I always end up drawing things like this ^^"
Ok, I put some color, but not at all. I was tired that night and prefered let it incomplete. I'm so lazy.. don't you think?
hi there
tell me what you think of this 
i made it last week
i've colored it ^^
Cat peeps, I gots nothing more to say on the matter. :3
The last in a series of three suntanned pix. A last tribute to summer ^_~ Comments & crits are (always) welcome.
Pff.. after a long time a new drawing. Took me long to make something that I acutally wanted to share with you (^.^") 
A sketch of the new version of my character Mirai that I'm working on.
my character Adalay XD He is half wolf and half human. Please give feedback as this took forever to make and I would love to know what to improve on ;D
Not what I wanted it to be..

//done with Paint Shop Pro//

(OMG..converting it to Jpeg was NOT a good idea ;-; )