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Bleach Ichigo vs Ulquiorra

Now this one took some work but it was worth all the time it took.
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Suya Now this one took some work but it was worth all the time it took.
Kage89 2012-10-17 16:16:27 Great job! I can tell this took some time.
winter 2012-11-04 03:48:59 I really like it just shading in the back ground must have taken awhile.
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actiony, ain't it? the newest page of DRAW! with Tachi Kawa and Big Ron Tappon, who will win?
Dustin C.
Cache and Joe visit NewYork. lol

I love cats and I just HAD to upload this one!! So kawaii!! ^_^
Ryu from Streetfighter offcourse. Always streetfighter N shit... Cant help it. I should draw more Tekken art.  Anyway, made this one in class real fast. Scanned the sketch and coloured it. Im pretty pleased with the results, although it has some flaws. I dont mind. But in a month or 2 im certain i will dislike it again.  Shinkuuu..tatsumaki senpakyuka... -__- ....
Artblock of 2 years surpassed.

Inspiration for this sketch - Kiseki no Umi - Maaya Sakamot
i like this draw i hope you like it c&c are very welcome !!!!
A picture detailing the awe I would often feel as a child when the jets from the air force base would come flying across the sky over my house.
Guy from class...
I mistakingly deleted it, lol
craptacular xD  I did this in about an hour, all in canvas.  There's actually a somewhat long complicated story behind this, but let's suffice it so say that a sunflower-rose hybrid bears some symbolism to me ^^  thus, I drew one, and here it is xD
characters based off of the manga Ah! My Goddess
Well this picture was way cooler not scanned.*Stupid Scanner*. Well ENJOY anyways @_@
zodiac aquarius