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princess nightmare page 16

the sixtenth page of princess nightmare
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Kage89 the sixtenth page of princess nightmare
Suya 2012-10-20 00:05:17 nice story cnt wait to read more :)
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Random art
Its a girl drawing,really try'd to make a little work of this one.
it's been a while since I put something on paper -_- BUT I'm in the mood for drawing again! owh yeah. so here is the characterisation of me in comic style (when I had long hair) Hayate Shinsetsu. This is him in the past.
my companion whenever i go home because we took the same route going home... she's shy and timid but a great friend...

she's always there to lend her open- line- for- calls celphone

just did a lil drawing for fun tell me what u think of it
wiley justin
another random drawing XD again drawn with the tablet. a friend requested a naked girl, so I made one for him XD PLEASE DON'T LOOK!
I haven't uploaded in a while, sorry! ^_^ This one's quite sad... I got the idea when I got rejected, but I didn't finish it back then. But today I decided to finish it and upload it. So here it is! ^_^
i wanted to try changing up my style a bit... i like the way this turned out and still in an experimental mood...
kinda chibi but exelent in every way
Royal Icing manga, now in print on and on online
this was a drawing for a friend of mine. (he looksa lot like him. it's notmanga but i promise you guys i'm busywith it! :)thngs to  nightwind
i luv mai.... muah!!!
I like it hope you like it two comments are very welcome