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princess nightmare page 9

the ninth page of princess nightmare
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Kage89 the ninth page of princess nightmare
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Random art
i didnt quite finish this one yet. tryin out another style again.
 Trying to get myself out of this damned artist block I am having.
an old pic made by me
just this one alone ^-^
With real screentones^-^
Yoko - Gurren Lagann
Dustin C.
I already finished it, (This is the first picture made by me and that i can say i like).
Hope she does not longer resemble Yuna. Please C&C
Original work by ShiroSora PenName/Artist Shiroi non digital work...:3
Boxing ^^ about 2.5 hours
Fancy meeting you here!
This is ginko.

he's made of bugs and adorable.
Client work.

A Guitar Hero Les Gibson Faceplate. Its Engrish FTW!

Other paintjobs and visit my website BleedingViolin for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.
Some of you want to know. I'm writing a story (actually two, a sci-fi and a fantasy story) and these are some of the characters from those stories.  This is the Wraith-Doll from the fantasy story.
This is a sample page i made using characters from my story.  Pencil/pen/photoshop. And if you can't tell what the panel on the bottom left is, it's a tall structure (building), a sun or planet of some sort behind it, and darkness slowly engulfing the area caused by the chick on the right.
The fairy of math. She's saying, "I am the fairy of math. Yes, THE fairy of math, though I am thousands of years old, I still look great. Do your fractions or get smacked." And the chibi of me (top) is saying," Kill her, I hate math." But the bottom chibi, my math teacher is saying," NUUU SILLY! You gots to LOVE math~!"