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character design

this design reminds me of bleach
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dmc this design reminds me of bleach
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Random art
Emo's do rap !
a little bit inspired by the models in magazines
Long time no posting. I lost my drawings, so I made new ones. Hope you like it.
I found out that drawing dirctly to the pc is faster (And in my case harder, my mouse is a ***** ****...!!).
I've been trying to practice more complex poses, too. This isn't too hard, but I started by sketching the torso instead of drawing the head first. It really helped.
hey mira
Fushigi Yugi fanart!! This one's for my best friend Gothqueen! Hope you like it! ^_^
W00t!!1!1 My first real oekaki! ^^ My original character Tachi Kawa for this one, so tell me what you think!
Dustin C.
been on vacation for awhile sorry for not posting anyway im back at it changed up fist page a little
artwork title: Sapphire is your smile

original artwork by me!
I tried to do sideview without any books or anything it turned out alright but there is just something about it that I think I messed up on.
cute boy with peace!
What on earth does this count as?
It's hand magic?
This would be the older Akiyoru, my main character, this picture i did mainly for the purpose of practicing line-shading, which I need to be using more often.... I bleive this took about 30-40 mins