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Started in pencil of course then did hard lines in pen and the large shading was with a sharpie
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Galeharu Started in pencil of course then did hard lines in pen and the large shading was with a sharpie
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Random art
Hi, I haven't drawn for a longgggggg time, too busy with schoolll :(, my nephew challenged me to draw naruto. I don't know the word for 'natekenen' Oh men Engels is moeilijk zeg, voor de nederlanders onder ons: ik heb hem dus nagetekend. XD Anyway here is Naruto!!! ^0^
Nameless - The lineart version from the february sketch. It's a static pose again.. you'll just have to bear with it. Eyes will be CGed, so they're not there yet. I started colouring, but it'll take some time before it is finished :) - may 2004
Baby phat Model. I had to design a logo and new out fit for class, so here it is, took my all day.
pls comment my work..
This is one of mine first drawings. I drew it in Highschool during classes.
^^Okay. This is my princess, tell me what you think XD Still not satisfied with the eyes though =.=
I like to think of myself as a dragon.
Zydrate Robber
very much unfinished but i like it so far so im posting i know i suck at photoshop
My 3rd digitally colored piece. Done entirely with a mouse. GAHHH!
Hi peeps here's a Mummie-Ninja sketchie ^^ With a raise the dead Jutsu!
pencil no jutsu
Da-Seth... Pure... Evil. unlike Da-volt he doesnt have much AI and is programmed to simply kill and destroy. If you want to see a sickening fight then look no further. In my opinion I prefer him to Da-Volt. What happens when they fuse though? nothing can explain what is formed when they fuse... Its simply refered to as him...
Just a quick desingn for a character in my manga :)
Critism, please.
A guy shooting at SOMETHING...
But what is he shooting at????