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idealized self-portrait

um...I think I really need to get a skin-tone marker.
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punkish um...I think I really need to get a skin-tone marker.
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Random art
A painting I did.  The painting shows what its like to be inside my head.
This is so old. 8D But I still love it.... old mangafied "Tailchaser's Song" fanart I did a while back... I wanted to do a fanart for that book so bad, but I suck at drawing cats. So voila, catboys. *shame* Anyone who's read the book can probably figure out who these three are. Even if the one in the middle is supposed to be fat, not bulky. And no, THE GUY ON THE RIGHT ISN'T KURAMA. Dx Thx.
This is my first drawing in photoshop..Like ever
this is a picture requested from a very good friend of mine. Comments? Crits?
well It's very sympel but nice I think. it's a nerd like einstein in his younger years. I've art it for a peace of work for school. any comments are welcome.
Manga Art
Royal Icing manga, pg 42, availabe online and in print on and
Miss Magic ispired me to draw another sketch, i hope its better, please comment!
Welcome back MWS ^_^
hey here are some of msn drawings me and my buddy Gene-ex made. the one on the bottom left is a collaboration :) Gene made his character standing on the left and I made mine. It was kind of fun, because Gene-ex had to draw a hand and after that I had to draw my character with my hand in his hand XD *wondering if you understand what I'm saying XD* the upper left and right drawings are also Gene-ex's ^_^
red in chiibi form again... i swear this character is like my poster child or something D:
Koga and a deer demon character I created. I just thought I'd put it up.
I did this one as a favor for one of my friend, her sister was going into the army and she wanted to give her something.
entry for the horror contest...
everybody's been telling me it's a bit too busy..I agree , but I kinda like it that way , besides isn't horror sometimes all about chaos ? ^^
Another random piece - He's supposed to be suprised by the spiders, especially the one reading the magazine. =] again open for tips.