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Simple kanta/desert punk practice run

just another practice at desert punk, trying to get my shading down a little better, to no avail
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Shish just another practice at desert punk, trying to get my shading down a little better, to no avail
major banana 2012-06-06 18:16:25 Dude, throw away that lined schoolbook and use blank paper. Before you start, draw a few little light lines, to show where your drawing will go IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PAGE, a little outline. Next, sketch whatever you're drawing on that outline. That way you don't have lines going off the end of your page, or feet resting on the edge, trust me it makes it look like a kids drawing. Folds are difficult to draw and shade, draw from reference (hang a towel or curtain on a chair or pillow or something) if you don't know the exact mechanics on how folds work. The thing about folds is that you can't just 'wing' them, even in a simplified drawing, it has to be correct or it will look wrong. I can't figure out your desert punk character. Is that his head, is it a glass dome? What's under the cloak? Is he pint-size? What's with his head? If you want your shading to be better, look at how shadows work. It's not magically gonna come to you. Take a desk light or ANY light, hold an object next to it, look at how the light and shadow works. One side is lighted, the other is shaded. Sometimes the dark/light transitions are hard, other times they're soft. It's pretty straightforward. On your drawing, pick an imaginary light source and pretend your drawing is a 3d object. You should go and study the specifics of real-life shadow, light and light reflection in detail and be obsessive about it, but the basics are enough to make it look convincing.
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