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Yuuki Kuran / Cross

This is one of the first drawings I put on the net... ^^ hope u like it
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boo This is one of the first drawings I put on the net... ^^ hope u like it
punkish 2012-05-03 18:18:27 I really like your art style. I don't see a lot that's just shading - it gives it a cool feel.
winter 2012-06-06 19:54:14 i love the eyes mine never turn out the way i want them to
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Finished colors for my holiday card design, featuring baby Danni.<br><br>
<b><u><a href="">Inks are here</a></u></b><br><br>
Colors done in Photoshop 6.<br><i>
I've drew this in my sketch book I think that I must colour it so give your comments and keep arting
GAH i'm new! wow i acctually was arsed enough to do a decent background
TNMT!  Just trying to relive the old days when they were popular ha ha.
I am back ( to normal n mangaworkshop XD ) 
better quality :
Just used a crappy MSN doodle, put it in photoshop, to practice clouds,nothing else to say XD
a fearsom dark angel who will destroy any who stands in her way. shes also an early character of mine^-^
A traditionl girl in a neat kimono weilding a wild sword
not finished yet. having a hard time on her crown thingy.
The second picture prieview in the "Girls&Signs" series.

I have to admit I used some reference materials for this picture to make it look more 'real'.

I stil need some more ideas for the series... help me out!
VALENTINE CONTEST: Inuyasha and Kagome finally profess their love for one another, in the form of a Valentine's Day teddy-bear.
My idea. Sketched out traditionally  Lined/colored with photoshop. Roughly 8 consecutive hours of work. e.e I'm SO glad I got to finish it. I'm really proud of how it turned out. :)
vash, trigun badlands rumble,outlaw, red coat, gun,double dollars
An art I did a while ago. Some of you may have already seen it on Deviant. BUt for those who havent; its the cute PeachGirl again! Done with illustrator and photoshop. Well, thats all, gonna get some sleep now. drop a line if you want to. peace
This being the most recent is one of my favorites mainly because of the color
Sozo teki