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royal icing manga pg 123

Royal Icing manga, pg 123, on and
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Juri Royal Icing manga, pg 123, on and
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Happy 4th of July! i drew this kinda sideways on the paper D: sorry lol. anyways i think everyone who's ever drawn has tried the old "too lazy to draw the other eye" yeah i kinda was just like, okeday i'll make him into a pirate. ^_^ scurvey eh? just plain old pencil...mechanical >< ik we're not "supposed to" use mechanical but i never use normal if i can help it. im more comfortable with mechanical and i don't see any difference. with mechanical i can vary the darkness of the line just as well as switching pencil types =\
Really quick sketch..tere's something about it what i like but i dont know what exactly xD

cmmnt plz ^^
Ugh I haven't uploaded in months. But then I haven;t done much these past few months. I'd blame school but that's getting old now (a). Alright. 30 minute online session doodle in OC 1.1 Oc isnt my program of choice but I totally dig the online function. So yeh... Im still the oc-noob :D
test 1
test 2
test 3
the pagan symbol
Zydrate Robber
fantasy of me? XD XD
2nd frame! he is timothy Geron,my main character in the story!
Smaller size, nothing special about it, doesn't look all that great.
It's summer and im drawing really often ^^ Here's another one color choice picture ^^
an unfinished version of the pic of me and charlotte my beautify gf (she on here as vivi) i fixed the ear i colord a lil bit on photoshop but the finnished 1 is gonna be watercolor
valentine contest!!!! hi here it is hope you like it ppl....i had a lot of problems with the hear ^_^"
pencil no jutsu
i guess she's holding...a dragon egg? i
3 or 4 years old
again cooro :D made it in the car XD 

sketch took me about 30 minutes, but ''coloring'' it 1 hour XD