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Vash the Stampede:The 60billion dollar man

vash, trigun badlands rumble,outlaw, red coat, gun,double dollars
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Yusukeflame104 vash, trigun badlands rumble,outlaw, red coat, gun,double dollars
punkish 2012-03-14 06:31:43 nice job keeping the colors uniform. you might want to twist the shoulders just barely for a better 3/4 view, but it's good. cool boots :)
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Random art

Just brush practice.
i havnt posted in a long while
It's me again, hello *waves* (^.^)/)
Hey!! back from a holiday in Vietnam, Here is a new version of Zy!! I like this one the most ^-^
I made this one for a tutorial, but her eyes freak me out a little... dunno why :/
Bruce Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whelp, this is a piccie I drew for cactuar_fever on gaia.  First time I've drawn a tuxedo in my life xD
this is a old one but i coloured ith and please give some commend
pencil no jutsu
lol sorry this is not really manga, but, i just wanted to add it .. i still hope you like it ......
A fanart i dedicated to "Puella Magi Kazumi Magica" manga.

These two cuties are Airi Anri (the short hair) and Yuuri Asuka (with ponytails), in their Puella Magi form, in their normal form, and in their witch form.

Yuuri and Airi - Kazumi Magica series
Cool looking character. Designed myself.
chi from chobits. i finally read the whole thing, it took me like 3 years.... anyway, i was dissapointed in it, but i still love chi's design and costumes so i had to do a fanart. pencilcrayons, ink, paint, uhh.. thats it i think.
I copied this from a how to draw manga book , I tried to make little changes to her but I didn't because that would ruin the picture...