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Battle of the barbarians

One of my favourite fights in bleach...just a fanart :)
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mechapen One of my favourite fights in bleach...just a fanart :)
Mad-Ichi X3 2012-01-15 12:41:15 That's the best!!! ≧∇≦ Great work<3
FirstBorn 2012-01-16 09:33:40 Wow! This looks really stunning. Great piece of manga art!
xXUnknownArtistXx 2012-01-16 13:04:55 awesome! you choose a cool perspective :) and very nicely coloured
syu 2012-01-19 16:17:21 Cool! You coloured it too. The sword slash looked almost it moved.
Sarin_Cloud 2012-02-04 05:23:47 sweet bro that is epic
Jesusraptor 2012-02-20 20:56:10 this is amazing 5*
dmc 2012-05-18 16:19:53 AWESOME LOVE BLEACH
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Random art
i extremly adore drawings and art and manga charachters and especially being creative and really hard working

*YAY* Screentones. I was just playing a bit with them. It's a shame that screentones are hard to get in the Netherlands and they are really expensive. That's why I used computer screentones^_^
Just a shadow reaper i designed out of boredom. Its the reaper king.
This is a quick quick sketch of Hinata from Naruto...
CLOUD STRIFE. Made by head, so some things arent correct :P. I think the art is very stiff, so i wanted to give it more life by adding Lifestream and background. It's been a while again, since im very busy with school, work and my training. I had sketched this cloud with ballpoint almost 2 months ago. And I worked on it a few times in a week. Im tired of it, cause it's getting bored to do so. So, I'm working on something else now. SO here is the upload. Hope you'll enjoy, altough the quality isnt as strong as the higher resolution. Omnislash
he is unamused. lol
Colored version of my evilprincess, yeeeh ^-^, I didn't color the whole picture, because I'm too lazy -.- XD, this is the first time I use painter, but I hope you like it
i personally think this sketch came out better.
This I drew right around the same time I drew Adrian.  I felt like drawing a fan art, and I was still in my mode of experimenting with shading, sooo, out came a shaded picture of Miho-San in an odd sort of Kimono thingy ^^  *sigh* Miho would never make that face tho.. oh well  the gloves are cool, yah  ^^
this shows the more darker side to the emo maid i drew earlyer i disided to change the shape of her eyes and make her look more inocent. im realy happy with his character i must think of a name sugestions will be much appreiciated. thank u
well its the end of summer, so me and manaphy are pissed!
took all day to color in photoshop, and a few hours to do the background earlier. i think it came out pretty good. ^_^
for a bigger resolution version goto my DeviantArt page. <br>
Dustin C.
this is one of the few pages of my book~~ this is the only page i'll post here*
i'll post a more on the forum under "breathingishibashi"** i'll also have a
translation put up as well* (though the japanese is read traditionally, the pictures will be read left to right)
i hope there is no inconvience* i look forward to your opinionsĀ™
i look up to you guys sooooo guys love what you do, and you're actually good at it(><)i'm so envious~~
thank you guys so much for everything^^ i don't know where i would be artistically without you all*
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