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Drew my friend. She looked sad, so i added tears.
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Zydrate Robber Drew my friend. She looked sad, so i added tears.
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Random art
I know, I know, it's terrible, it's on lined paper. Sorry! -_-' But I wanted to upload something, and I actually quite like this one. They could be brother and sister, or they could secretly like each other, or they could secretly hate each just depends on what you see in it, and that's why I like this one ^_^ Drew this during class btw.
Manga Art
some warrior girl I made. just wanted to make a line art ^^ don't know if I'd color it though.
I was practising with my grafite pencils to get some structures. But i liked the design so i colored it.I would like some honoudt crits on this. I know the fist is wrong already Xp
pencil no jutsu
Hey!! back from a holiday in Vietnam, Here is a new version of Zy!! I like this one the most ^-^
This is my contribution for the witch pin-up contest.
I was going to send it in colored but I did'nt have the time, I'll upload it when its finished.
graphite pencil drawing rendered in colored pencil & ink
I had fun with this one, somewhat,
splatter brushes
he's a zombie, named Kelly :)

A character I had in mind... but did no more than this pic though >>;
Mussgo from Porter.
Second photoshop attempt! Its my ragnarok online priest.
Wolf's Rain, Episode 09: Don't make me Blue....
I know his head is WAY to big, but I like it. Have fun :D