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Just some line art I drew. Hope you ENJOY @_@
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Dopen Just some line art I drew. Hope you ENJOY @_@
Dopen 2011-10-23 22:47:22 OMG sorry i made way to big i will fix that next time!
Dopen 2011-10-24 01:51:50 Oh and also any constructive criticism on this and my other works would be greatly appreciated and well received.
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Random art
This happen't to me, this friday 13th... (well, not totally... it was daylight) and i had to build another pc. Shame on me :/
it's been a while since I put something on paper -_- BUT I'm in the mood for drawing again! owh yeah. so here is the characterisation of me in comic style (when I had long hair) Hayate Shinsetsu. This is him in the past.
thought I'd colour one of the characters I drew ^^
My Gaia character cosplaying as Wonka ;D
a doodle i decided to practice marker coloring on ^^
Character for my first manga.
Name: Arayne Seru, Age: 20
Watercolor painting
so, for the past...well, since semester started, really, I've been bored shitless in math.  So....I started drawing he kid next to me.  And this is by far the most productive thing to come of fourth hour in the past several weeks ;^^ lol
just this one alone ^-^
With real screentones^-^
well, second piece of work I made after the shopping girl :) did it all in photoshop. I really like this piece, first time I actually make a background *hehe*
This is a pen sketch that I colored with photoshop using my trusty Wacom tablet.  It's kind of a conseptual type style I supose.
I haven't drawn much male mangastyle faces so here's my progress so far. I'm experimenting with a third shade and have not decided what hair to give him? suggestions anyone?
Def Character
Sorry for the vague image...
It was a rather light sketch so you must look closely to see it good...