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How i started my anime artwork
comment is much appreciated
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sinobali How i started my anime artwork comment is much appreciated
Dopen 2011-10-25 19:14:21 Dang you've become very talented over such a short period of time.
FriskySlicks 2011-10-27 19:15:05 it is impressive how much youve grown on arts in about 3 years. n1
FriskySlicks 2011-10-27 19:16:00 ill give you 4 1/2 stars of 5 :P
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Random art
Action manga ongoing serie.

Page 19
I forgot that I had this, and since I'm probably not going to finish it I'm uploading it as is, heh heh.
A collab with my pchat pal Noodles ^^ Hentai babes ^^
character from my manga frozen named alice
a dragon
Another fast paint doodle to pass some time. Waiting for my gf to come online so I can own her and her brother at halo XD ....*cough's* Anyway nothing special and I think her head is too big...ah well, sorry for not uploading much decent ^^'
Made this one half a year ago for a contest. I still like the pose, I don't draw sitting people that much.
A drawing of Prince Jamali of Celosia Nai's rival.
old work from 2007 xD

originally posted at
evil lizard
im a fan of princess peach so i decided to create an anime vertion of her i thout a slepy pose would look cute ^-^
I'm back.
merry christmas you all!And a happy new year:)
This is commission work I did for a book my friend wrote.  The character's name is Aden.
well this time i tryed to make a nice black and white art :3. the body of the guy i drew must be pretty fucked up because it must hurt sitting like that XD. so wel the athonomy aint so good i still like the outcome ^^. normaly my line arts have no  depth at all but i think i did a good job this time ^^. well c&c are welcome