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Pirate Captain Kawa. Designed by Ben Krefta from Organic Metal
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Bomu Pirate Captain Kawa. Designed by Ben Krefta from Organic Metal
FriskySlicks 2011-10-27 19:40:14 the lightning effects are really impressive. ill give you that
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Random art
a trial wallpaper only. Using adobe illustrator only....and there's not title for it because is a trial..
Issue 1 cover for FirePath haha
i just made this.....a little...simple
Random female character. Tried some stuff with this one.
this is a girl from the story me and my friends made up a few years ago. sometimes i still draw them.
well this is Alex she has the power of animals and she can handle a sword too.
i like how i've done the right hand and i like the sword.
i know there's something wrong with the legs but i can't find out what.

you can tell me whats wrong and whats good on this drawing.

i would like that ^^
woooh, merry Chrismas to you all!!
Uff, i finally managed to get out of there alive :7  anyway, i'm alive and i brought something with me, i changed the process for putting the colors and i think i finally found one that looks fine :3
Please C&C, i can smell that death is nearby...
shes from shugo chara...
Made this one half a year ago for a contest. I still like the pose, I don't draw sitting people that much.
MOAR YGO FANART. One of my few chibi-things I actually like. :D
this one is from the video rocketeer
i'm workin on flexability and position
Page from chapt 9 =D
My most beautiful project. This artwork is very big, nearly 50x70 (postersize). It's inked completly. It's a present for a friend of mine. I draw her another picture (Together) a while ago, but this one has been stolen at a convention. So I draw this for her.
I tried to draw in the style of art noveau... and I kinda like it.
~~~~***~~~~ Damn... it's really too small on this page. There are many details, that vanished ;_;