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Saber from fate stay night. I had drawn to the wall in the kitchen.
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Lee Henrik Saber from fate stay night. I had drawn to the wall in the kitchen.
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Random art
Latest piece.  100% acrylic paint.  Approached this one more hapzardly...basically a outline sketch and then threw paint down. lol.  Also very quick in like 3 hours.
the same of the last one
this is fanart of naruto

omg i just LOVE hinata <3

made this 2 days ago. the head of naruto is a bit off...but i like it quite allot :)

your opinion is more then welcome!
It's crap and you know it ;)

sorry i colored it
Another realism sketch. No, the man that looks like a monkey isn't a monkey, I was practicing 
shades. Have fun !
just a random sketch
my first 1 =D
It's been a while MWS. Well, once again I don't come with anything spectacular.. and unfortunately it's not CG at all either. This is a pencil drawing of one of my favorite Fire Emblem characters, the female paladin, Isadora. I ended up drawing this a really weird way.. it started with one eye... then some of the hair.. then some of the face.. it was just.. bizarre to say the least. >< But I think it turned out well.. don't you?
hehe urban style.. I made yis in taking a capuccino with a friend
a drawing for my friend. I'm working on a background.. any suggestions???
this is the first mech that i have done
Wolverine and cyclops..sort of..:)
should have spent a little more time on cyclops..but i didnt.
Sketch-Line art: Adobe photoshop CS2
Color: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Tools: Wacom Graphirre 4
Estimate Time: +- 12 Hours