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FriskySlicks 2011-10-27 19:45:50 yes its a shame how much a artist can fall by steeling arts of another artist.....
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Random art
The sketch of Mirai, inked en colored. Took me a while, but it wass worth it (^.^)
What'ya think? I know that her hips are a bit small (a huge bit :s)
Villian for my manga possibly. Crits please. =D
Current artwork, soon done... just need to add another million shades -laughs-
A first year high school. She's part of the gymnast team.
i just made this.....a little...simple
Floating cities in the sky! zomg! Sketch! paoweifjapweo... yeah.
What do you think of this one ^^
(and once again don't mind the fingers..)
a sword slashing someone ....
After 4 month being unable to find some time to draw anything …
I’ve last found time for this quick sketch …
I do not have much to say about it …I draw it using only pens I had to cover my mistakes by adding  more lines :P  … the result is a bit (ok not just a bit ) messy .. but it was fun drawing it … … about his left hand … you may wish to know what is gathering  around it :P well the answer would be … I have no idea :P .. left hand was way too messy (It didn’t look like a hand >_< )so I did this “special ” thing gathering around :P  lol
I copied this from a how to draw manga book , I tried to make little changes to her but I didn't because that would ruin the picture...
trying out to draw real manga stylish
"Satyr & Nymph"
Inspired by greek mythology. Satyrs most of the time are aggresive and rude to women, called Nymphs. But this one is more friendly than the others and I have to say that he may be in love with this nymph!
i was trying to make my character look like she was sprinting and on the way home i noticed it didnt really look right so i kinda lost the will to finish. i figured if i post it up you guys would let me know what went wrong
Cool mecha, my own design :)