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libbychan 2011-06-07 12:05:46 Thats great! love the colour scheme and coat
dmc 2012-09-18 10:33:03 i agree great color
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Random art
inspired by harajuku fashion and my love of shopping :)

Manga Art
Just dropping by a sketch (Yeah, crappiness), enjoy if you can :3
this image create on zbrush2
hamid ghalijari
Well this is the first sketch for Alinam, a character in my new original fic, Tilve Saefad. I'm gonna CG it later. He's actually a beast-shifter (kinna like a shape-shifter only...animals >.>;) I'm rather how it turned out ^^ Cept the hand --; hate..hands...and the stick...pole...staff thing x.x; screwed that ><; shoulda made it longer...oh well. x_x dude i haven't drawn in a while @_@
My new Postbank card. They now have an service where you can desighn your own pass. It's nice to show off with you bank card ^_^
(UPDATED) STREETFIGHTER CAMMY! Better than my last one ^^;;. Man it's late. I just couldnt stop working on this art. Personally I think it's one of my best arts till now ^^. Done in 2 days. Lineart with TABLET, colouring with PhotoShop CS. NO REFERENCE (i hate reference), just made it up. I really went nitpicking on this art, and I tried to correct any flaw. Especially with this perspective, its hard to do. Drop some lines my mangapeeps
Just sketching something for the first time in paint and also the first time I draw the head like this. it's really messy and has quite a few mistakes. I might work this one out in photoshop if I feel like it and people like the concept :D
this pic is not finished yet but chico wanted me to put someting on here so...
Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test
Page 17 from my manga.
i was just seeing if i could do wartar well. let me no wat u thing of the see shal bath im pleased with considering this was a early drawing of mine
my anime style? please? it's a samurai..what do you think?