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my second upload :)
I made it 2 years ago @ 8th grade
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ngluvjj my second upload :) I made it 2 years ago @ 8th grade
kannal 2011-04-03 03:20:37 wow! this is amazing! your exactly who I have been looking for. I don't want to sound desperate but I need help, and from someone talented like you. I have had a dream every since I was a little girl; to have others know the story I have been writing my entire life. I can draw, but I am not good enough, if I could draw like you I know my dream has a chance. I have been giving up; I tell people I don't want this anymore but that is a lie. please be my friend and help me, I don't want the story of my life to go to waste.
kannal 2011-04-03 03:31:56 if you want to help me, email me at thank you so much!
ngluvjj 2011-04-03 07:51:02 thx for your comments :) I'm still very amateur ==; and I can't do backgrounds, coloring and such... but If u need my help, I'll do it gladly
ngluvjj 2011-04-03 08:07:00 I hope u received my email, my email is
libbychan 2011-06-07 12:08:40 Thats an amazing picture! love the sketchy-ness of it too
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This "Akuma" is not as dark as the character is supposed to be but I decided to do it my way and one that is liked by everyone.. I hope you like it

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this is the freaky soul reaper from Bleach
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[ MECHA T30505 ] Just try to make some more time for my renders. And my love for mecha's again ^^. Mannn, I want this dude to be real so he could shoot on all kinds of toilets in amusementparks (3dMax modelling and layout with PS).
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The legs of the boy are messed up, and the eyes are different from what I usually draw, but I'm happy, u 2??
hey its been a while since i posted nething i have a new account,because i lost the password to my old one n my old email which i think is pretty funny,i did this for a gurl i know we both love to draw graff so i encorperatated it in to this pic,my old profile is curse one comments n crits welcom
The devil herself seems sweet in comperation to her!! when your time is up for the hell flames she'll gladly guide you there!! MUAHAHAHAHAHHA

XxX to the fans
Trees have dropped their leaves...