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A short one page that I drew for practice. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
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Awsomerpger A short one page that I drew for practice. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
faltzar2 2011-03-01 21:11:43 The proportions are not consistent, nor are they accurate.
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Random art
this is my home-made manga.. but  it is read the way the comics is... please comment on this...thatnx!
renegade in SD mode. renegade (c) emerson tung.
as it should: and night elf uploaded here at night =3
i just love world of warcraft <3 i was bored when i made this ^^ its an fanart form my main char (lol) who is druid xD
another atempt at drawing a chibbi ,tell me what you think ...^O^
My first upload here (I think I joined years ago but I don't remember what happened then). This image is a couple years old, it was done for a friend, so the character isn't mine, it's his.
A friend's role-playing character.  Not much else to say.  Except that I hate drawing suits, lol, but oh well.
yusuke's mother and jenny, i love this scene because they are so cute...especially yusuke's mother when he died. i copied this in one of the picture in the comics of yu yu hakusho...hope you'll like this....i add a little effect with it...
I'm back! yaay my scaner is working again ^_^ well this is old art...but i love it!
this looked a lot better in just pencil, but I tried to ink it a bit and then I got lazy and dozed off hahaha oops
Sozo teki
Digi art I was experimenting on.  I was surprised on how it turned out.  I really liked it.
now this is a real doodle XP
Def Character
this my first on this site. havent drawn in like a comments would help
Story and Characters by me. Background and shading by my roommate
well this i made for our employ magazine at work just for fun :)... it sepossed to be like a queen elf that gives birth to a new child of hers. ^^