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Jafed 2011-02-17 03:11:48 Waoo I like this one nice (!_!)
battalyon 2011-02-17 14:02:27 hehehe thanks
FriskySlicks 2011-10-27 20:11:17 his axesword whatever is awesome. ^^ nice pic
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Random art
this is my demon with a demon blade ready to descend
The re-make of the death for the contest at my skool :3, enjoy and comment please
my second attempat ms paint... its not finished yet, im developing this character, im gona give her a couple of freckles across her nose and a sort of daisy chain thing in her hair....any name suggestions?X
carla maria
alrighty folks, after looking at the piece and reading the comments I redid it with a darker background.  Looks better now heh heh.  Preciate all of the comments.
:P I like this one...First time I made something like this, what d'you think?
i'm tryin to work on looseness(as well as anatom.) rather than a stiff character.  i'm tryin. i am workin on the dreds i kinda messed up... i like his calves, lol.
grrr... why is it none of my art ever fits into a category.... oh well... so this is a picture i dre my friend for a christmas present, its done with ink, pencil crayons, tea, chalk  and fire. i inked  it, burned off the edges, then tea dyed it and then coloured it in with pencil crayons and white chalk. im not gonna lie, its pretty awsome, the scan dosnt do it justice.
this is my anime character
is ist good?
Recollored this drawing, now also available as wallpaper at
Yumi, Germaine's half sis and nemesis, i rarely draw her i dunno why, well here she is
It hasn't stopped, my 'obsession' for ducks'
Another old art remasterd and edited to look better than it did before.

The seccond part of the heavensgate series.
In here you see the souls enter the final high grounds to rest forever.
Testing out some copic swatches. Thanks to TheRagingSpaniard for the link. PSE CS2 and swatches from
hey guys, I have just finished this picture, im dead tired and tomorrow i have a job interview ._. What i like in it: the bg ....What i dont like: her hair, something went wrong there XD