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A sketch I made in a long time in my agenda. Hope you likes~!
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CynikSama A sketch I made in a long time in my agenda. Hope you likes~!
faltzar2 2011-01-31 00:08:31 I like it! Can't draw girls myself although... that chest always embarrasses me in public.
Franchise 2012-01-14 04:17:42 have you ever thought of drawing manga if so contact me
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Long time no upload... enjoy! (All illustrator CS2)
Def Character
my grandma turned 81 today..
Uhm, yeah.. No comment...
A confused manga girl =o
This was fun doing ^^
Finished... its not perfect but i like it,
Called "Hair" cause while drawing it, I just wanted her hair to get messier and messier. I liked it ^_^
part three
Wow. I havent been back on this website for a long long time, really glad I remembered my account info haha. Uploading some old art works and such. Hope you like it, please comment / critique! ^^
here's a lil somethin i did for one of my friend, thats him, hes explaining the Gaia "religion" he seems to like so much, weird guy... Anyway, i toned it all but my computer had a fatal error so theres no toning! Oh and hes speaking french.
the picture is called anus becouse dynastysat named it ^^ so thats not so weird at all knowing he IS an anus^^ lol hope you like it!
First tanned person i drew seriously :P   I kinda like this one, only the hands didnt work out the way i wanted. And i m nog good with drawing guns... Comments appreciated
The whole idea behind this was a girl and a guy switching their outfits, so you get a guy in girl's clothing and a girl in guy's clothing ^_^ Yes, I'm aware that the guy's one leg is longer than the other (oops) XD No shading yet, but I'm uploading it anyway ^___^
whelp, just watched the Last Samurai, and there was this brief scene where Nathan was a sillouette (sp?) against the I felt inspired, and thus, comes this similar picture by me ._.  the mountains aren't too great, but oh well.