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Sanji from one piece
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bluverde Sanji from one piece
FirstBorn 2011-01-13 10:17:27 Very good! I've been reading One Piece since 2 weeks ago. I'm already at #132. Still a lot more to go. ^_^;; How did you make this piece? Open Canvas?
bluverde 2011-01-14 23:44:49 thanks! i did this on painter, opps and i coloured his suit in the wrong colour again...
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Random art
Line art! This beast took a while to line.. hope you like it ^^ If anyone wants to colour it, just let me know and I'll send you the high res version. The detail on the original is slightly lost in this picture because of the file shrinking process.
Another one I've done with the same process as the others. I actually like this one, because he looks very mysterious, but I can tell that some things (like the eyes) could be a little more even, though I think it still looks nice. Tell me what you think! Thanks.
Just a randoom drawing . . . ^.^
Hope you like it . . .
I know it's not perfect
If I find sometime I gonna remake this one^_^
all right! my first pic with my new tablet pc! just a random sketch in sketchpadpro and colored with soft charcoal in painter. its a monk! =^*^=
Dustin C.
Very old drawings of mine (2001) Inspired to make a game with the main character, which it never came to.
Just something I doodled on PS 7 :D
I made it with photo shop the collors. it is Not the best but i like it

Analin no Denkou - Lined and all set to be coloured, finished version is in Colored Art - dec 2001
I have to transfer this pic from 3 different comp before I could color this. Because what I have now is a computer with scanner, but no photoshop and disc burner; a computer with disc burner, no photoshop/scanner; and a computer with photoshop, no scanner and no floppy drive. ^^; Anyway, this is fanart of D.N.ANGEL. Pretty rare for me to draw fanart and actually colored it -- Inked by Rapidograph, color by Photoshop 7.
Quiz time !!!
What do you think is going to happen next?
Just fooling around with different things in corel painter. Tell me what you think :D crits plz
Lol, this was just a random thought that came into my head... that I thought I might share with my fellow mangworkshopers..... ^_^