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I decided to draw a girl sleeping in the grass, because I was relaxing.
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tiffy I decided to draw a girl sleeping in the grass, because I was relaxing.
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angel at rest
in a strange castle, the knights kneel..
They're a bunch of Assassins who want to kill all Kazahana family members.
Havent uploaded anything for awhile now. Thinking about coloring it. Comments and critizism please.
A cover for a manga I want to work on. It's Jewls again :)
After 4 month being unable to find some time to draw anything …
I’ve last found time for this quick sketch …
I do not have much to say about it …I draw it using only pens I had to cover my mistakes by adding  more lines :P  … the result is a bit (ok not just a bit ) messy .. but it was fun drawing it … … about his left hand … you may wish to know what is gathering  around it :P well the answer would be … I have no idea :P .. left hand was way too messy (It didn’t look like a hand >_< )so I did this “special ” thing gathering around :P  lol
Elize 'Jersey' Whitehurst - This is a preview combination/merge of 2 seperate scans because I drew the top and bottom half each on its own sheet of A4 paper, finished version is in Colored Art - Q4 2002
A short one page that I drew for practice. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
This bookmark is a part of my art for a contest ^^ I like this bookmark so I scan and color it :3
They should make doughnuts this big, I'd buy one for sure XD
My chibi of my manga character Kirin ^^
I dont think this is nudity, is it? I mean, there is a HUGE block....this is just for fun you know?
boredom *sigh*
cloud unfinished
This is a picture I drew for quite possibly the most amazing person ever :D I took a picture and colored over it in photoshop... all done with a tablet. Took me about 3 hours total...maybe 3 and a half. Crits welcome ^^  I hope you enjoy noell btw I miss you soo much right now!