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Geisha... There is this name Angel written down in the drawing cause its suppose to be this girls which now here is geisha signature.
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Kijara Geisha... There is this name Angel written down in the drawing cause its suppose to be this girls which now here is geisha signature.
Alder 2010-12-25 20:11:04 pretty, but doesn´t look ´geisha´ to me. geishas just don´t do this kind of thing. overall, they´re all about just being pretty. not in the way ´seductive´ even if you didn´t have that on your mind. Do some research. Well, lineart is nice, but you should put some more contrast in the drawing. And, the ear looks a little smaller than it should be. I love the way, hair is drawn. Your pencils don´t seem to be very good, you could actually do better :) . Colors are actually very nice. Hope you´ll improve.
empoy 2010-12-31 03:54:28 cute !!!! XD
Kijara 2010-12-31 18:08:51 Thank you ^ ^
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This is Trick, he's the main chracter for my (still in the planning stages) comic/manga called Decadent Reality.
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Henshin A Go-Go Baby! Nah, this isnt Joe, it's Viewtiful Dustin! this is based off the character joe, but its not exactly him, notice the differences, the pose and everything is all original.  actually, i am looking for a talented person to color this for me, so eamil me first if you decide to help. ^o^  oh, this is also my sci-fi character for trico's contest in the forums.
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The creatures that have alway's facinated the young ones and still facinate the older people.
Who are they? what are they?? The common way we picture them is half human half fish...but what do we know??

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Just hope you like my new art^^...Leave me comments^^

My friend told me she was gonna take a shower, so I found a picture of her, and drew this, took me all of 20 minutes. Finished it far before she got back, as well. C&C welcome.