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Kurosaki Ichico by Tite Kubo, Bleach
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Anni Kurosaki Ichico by Tite Kubo, Bleach
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Random art
Oni chibi like berserk Uezurii..... yeah is now colored.

Thanks to DefC for the lineart and Li (Fantasea from deviantart) for the coloring, really I don't know how to thank you.

Original drawing belongs to me ...although I can't match their skill at all T_T
Well this is a summer manga art i realy like the colers but the scaner suks a litle bit.....ohw and i made the baground realy fast so its not so pretty "Good"..
A comic of my two characters, Beatrice and Darien, who are carnies. This was inspired by the fact that people color in checkerboard shoes... XD
Hey all, this isn't manga, I apologize. This is a current project of mine. I'm making a Star Wars mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. This is for all u star wars fans out there ; a Stormtrooper :)
Quiz time !!!
What do you think is going to happen next?
this is Keran Dezara, he has the ability to fight with a sword called "Cailad".
Quiet times so pendakodoodle time :p
Def Character

First try drawing a girl with dresses and other girly stuff
This was done in ballpoints during one of the many boring days on my job....where I can draw. Jay! I hope you can give some C&C on this since I wish to improve a lot. I know the shoulders are way too large...I always draw them like this >_<
lol its cute...........................................
eahhheehahhhh lool
from my first manga Royal Icing, pg 22, also up on
My lvl 60 warlock on World of Warcraft <3