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HaXard the New Mangaka
Hatch 2010-11-23 02:31:47 anatomy is good and smooth, pose is realistic, and everything seems fairly in proportion aside from the arms which seem only a tad bit too long. The background is awesome. Did you do it on photoshop?
HaXard 2010-12-11 21:26:05 SBP Sketch book pro
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Random art
Here is the sketch that I uploaded earlier. I'm not that good at this yet, this is my first photoshop coloring. My shading especially is not that good.
Andalyn Van Hellsing
Chibi o.O
ahhh it's being a while since i posted here :D well enjoy peeps!!
I like it overall, although i wish i would've made the eye on the right a little lower. Took me a long time o_o comments and crits welcome as always ^^

phooooo I forgot my password so I tryed lots of password's but i figured it out so here's a new drawing of mine! huray:P
Another random doodle dump XD
Latest page from my weekly webmanga The Beast Legion . Need your support.
another line art of Maru Nagashiwa. I kinda thought her last pose was so standard, so I wanted her in a more action-like pose. this is my result. alot more to come, because you've only seen 3 characters up till now XD muahahaha. ( keep in mind that this lineart is made for digital coloring, so eyes and such aren't filled XD hehehe)
Keeper of time.

I spot problems with his Arm and shoulder
The Namless guy...  i think that was the last what i made... -____-  Coments are welcome xD
A random sketch of soldiers of some imaginery country. Gonna update this later, when I can tell more about this.
aww =)
This is the destroyer... the final boss of Romancing Saga 3 on Snes.