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HaXard the New Mangaka
Hatch 2010-11-23 02:31:47 anatomy is good and smooth, pose is realistic, and everything seems fairly in proportion aside from the arms which seem only a tad bit too long. The background is awesome. Did you do it on photoshop?
HaXard 2010-12-11 21:26:05 SBP Sketch book pro
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Squiditha inspired artwork. i cant find my color pencils T.T
ABC NEWS HOUR......................................................
latest work yet. hope you like it.
You asked for some new work, so I quick sketched you something this morning. Not edited. 
Note: Sorry for the previous error file.
Random sketch I did. I was trying to add a realistic style look to the 2D pic I was going from.  Not the greatest but Love the character and really like this pic.
12 zodiac
Some Faces Of Hikorta
I adjusted leg-groin position as killerkun said, and colored it. c&c
a practice piece I consider done. I learned a bit more about coloring while doing this. 

I also learned the obvious ; I should probably work more on body proportions and perspective. I might do that.. if I'm motivated enough ;) C&C  are always welcome.
a caged bird....get it?
My first real attempt on drawing using photoshop completely and without any lines. I took amazingly long hours that my head and hand is shaking now ^^; 17 hours on the girl and 11 hours on the bg. New record of hours for my photoshoping history, WHEW~! ^^;;; I am about to drop now X_X; -- Done fully by photoshop 7, Mouse.
Fanart of Raven from the Teen Titans cartoon show. Though I did this one a little while back, I thought I'd take a moment to post it here while I'm in the process of getting my new stuff ready to go.