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just did a lil drawing for fun tell me what u think of it
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wiley justin just did a lil drawing for fun tell me what u think of it
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Random art
Very old.  this is what i used to do instead of paying attention in class...
Fushicho* suited for the traditional Scearian battle dance. Drew this pic at the CNAnime in Toronto.
i was just seeing if i could do wartar well. let me no wat u thing of the see shal bath im pleased with considering this was a early drawing of mine
I really like this one... think one of the best one i drew...
drawn in paint
colored in adobe photoshop
Again no colour:( still waitin for mi tablet to b returned to me!!! but anyway, heres a line art character concept that im hoping to put through photoshop- i'm quite happy with it. i planned for him to be a samurai in his casual wear by the coast^^enjoy! any ideas on colours or what i could improve?
Random digital artwork done by me :D
well, second piece of work I made after the shopping girl :) did it all in photoshop. I really like this piece, first time I actually make a background *hehe*
done for my friend...unfinished. it's supposed to be her lol needs to be colored..
big spoiler to my fanfic, but it's just sutch a cute drawing ^^ I do think that D-Jinn turned out a bit to young. Jad and D-Jinn are both highly respected (and wanted) chars of LINK ©!^^
more practice, crits are welcome...
chara of mine, drew this almost 2 years ago xD (then why the "vesta '06"? I don't know but its definately not '06)
My own little Tribute.
My favourite one i think..