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A Character From My Manga Inverse I Think you all would like it if you want to see it comes here
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Noct A Character From My Manga Inverse I Think you all would like it if you want to see it comes here
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Random art
yeah... I have no idea how this came about...
one of the last pages of chapter the of DRAW!
keep track of the manga series at:
and see the exciting story unfold, and the introduction of a new character and the first real story arc! ^____^
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Dustin C.
...this is some of my old works, but suitable for introducing myslef (I hope at least)
Again, no legs. You will most likely never see any of my drawings with legs. Anycrap, the woman in the picture is supposed to look like she is walking in water. I think i saw this woman in a scene from InuYasha or some other television show of the sort.
This picture is of my own characters. It's a group picture of the Dark-N-Light group. I colored it with adobe photoshop.
something i'm working on.
Dustin C.
... A nice picture ^_^
A ninja girl that I drew for Desty Nova to color. This is my first time digitally inking something. Guess I should practice that a little more. ^_^;;
O_O Even I don't know what the heck is going on with this one .......
It's a Dark Chao But it reminds me of an evil Telitubi or how ever you spell it. What do you think!
its not finnished yet but anyhows have alook  i pritty proud of this cause a suck at BG's and this aint to bad ^^ 
hopeyall like it 
Furapujaku no Bouken
Dustin C.
Self-potrait. Not much of a story about this one. There just was one damn annoying fly that didn't know when to stop.
Sonic! Yeah, you know, from back in the day...anyway this is one i did from last year,i decided to put it up as one of my first ones. ENJOY!  ^,^