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Chalice in flames.

This one was done on canvas with Citadel paints. 

Chalice is mine, and stars in my manga in progress called
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Dr.Yuki Chalice in flames. This one was done on canvas with Citadel paints. Chalice is mine, and stars in my manga in progress called "Black Eye Princess." I will be posting a lot more from that series here.
Lalulweeb914 2010-09-20 20:26:59 Nice! I rlly like it! the coloring is great... although is she supposed to have only one horn, or is the other just out of sight or something? Other than that, the textured canvas buggs me insanely... of course that's just me being wierd, but I can't stand seeing or using textured paper... but wut can u do, its canvas... Great picture!!!
FirstBorn 2010-09-22 13:54:02 This is made on canvas?! Wow! Nice job! it's good to see artists that still use traditional media.
Joybringa86 2010-09-29 08:13:07 I like it particualrly the effect the canvas has on it makes the effects seem more me anyhows ^^
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Random art
for a manga i just got hired to work on 
tey ask me to COLOR 
issue 5 cover 
i am supposed to be drawing issue 6  please comment
Title: cold

This was something out of the blue made on an online doodleboard, no idea where it came from though. There's probably a lot wrong with it but still i like it somehow 6^^ brrrr. . .
Def Character
I found out that drawing dirctly to the pc is faster (And in my case harder, my mouse is a ***** ****...!!).
part 2 of 3
Just practicing (do you write it like this??) some effects and I like the outcome ^^
 Version 1 of Floating re-vamp. ^^ Since I got Photoshop 6, I decided to re-color <a href="">Floating</a> (Previous <a href="">color job</a> with Corel Photopaint) I'd say it's muuuuuuuuuuch better, woudn't you? ^_~ I particularly like how the hair came out, especially Ryu's. ^^
.05mm HB Mechanical Pencil-->> Photoshop 6
But my stupid scanner made it ugly because it didnt get the color right :S but hope you like it anyway
Another present for my friend. ^_^
Has anyone ever seen Erementar Gerad..?
Should be a topic 'Doom' xD Anyway random brainfarts. Again. around 5 hours, photoshop cs. Not too happy with it. Lacks composition, depth and well, stuff. What I do like is the fire-spewing rock over there ^^
Yeah.. just messing around. Not much to say really. Let me know what you think ^^
my little x-mas present to a couple of friends of mine - Ashley and Annie. I'm glad that of all people I got the inspiration to draw them - they're both been really good to me this year, and deserve more than the five dollar bills I'm likely to get everyone else xD Yeah, they're definitely the bestest couple ever, and I <3 them dearly~

On an arteest note, though, this was the first time I tried experimenting with a border, and I rather like it xD Think I just might be swinging into a fad on that one xD
neji commission from otakon 
wot do ya think
Yay! A page from the latest chapter of the comic =D.