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Another one of my characters with a great spear, hunting dragons.
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JT Another one of my characters with a great spear, hunting dragons.
Zeph 2010-03-26 18:25:00 I like the details you put into the feathers
JT 2010-03-27 00:42:37 thanks so much!
CericCalas 2010-03-28 04:04:59 I think this piece is pretty cool. There is a complete sense of grandeur. I particularly like the way the bird is standing
JT 2010-03-28 05:51:07 thanks a lot CericCalas, glad to hear it!
FirstBorn 2010-03-28 11:12:50 Wow! This is a nice piece of art. I love the detail in the bird and the simpleness in the background. They combine well and finish the picture.
JT 2010-03-28 16:56:26 thanks FirstBorn!
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Random art
i've been working
on this for a long while~~

i've been thinking about getting it published, but then i wouldn't want to give my self-consciousness cause to panic by giving a damn~~lol
anyway, this project is called ‰º–k‘ò‚ɁuƒIƒ„ƒXƒ~v‚Á‚ÄŒ¾‚Á‚Ä‚ ‚°‚éB softly encroaching upon becoming a self portrait of the panicky year i've had.
i won't put up the whole thing, because it's still not finished, and i've still yet to put the text in it. the content becomes quite ambiguous and then it just becomes a "staring at pictures" situation...which i'm sorry about, considering i don't deserve to be amongst you all, but i've wanted to share with you guys for so long, so i apologize for any frustration due to my poor talent.

it does read from right to left like standard asian publications. talk to me anytime^^
Another attempt at chapter one of my story, drawn, still looking for an artist.
nothing to do much this summer....
and i haven't watch this film- ang haba ng pila ng mga humiram ng vcd...hayzzzz
i have been working on this character for a while and i think i got it done prety good 

please leave comments telling me what you think of it
Hiyya this is my first upload here XD, this is my OC Kaina Mustang. I though this was fairly good so I put it up to see what you think... Kaina belong to me so no stealing please... Thankyou ^__^ Xx
Finally experimenting with shadows and highlights and was hoping to get some critics on both.
Draco Lunara
this is my teenager.
<center><b>WAAH! >.< </b>
well it's been a loooong while since i uploaded anything at all, so here is the latest from me!
I made this for a job, but it never got through cause i quit! ^_^ this is for the kiddies, a jammin dj! lineart and colored in my new Illustrator CS!
Dustin C.
My OC Seine in a cute white dress. Hope you like her! ^^
I did this as a concept drawing of the idea for the main character in the 4th MWS collab deal. Soo enjoy xD
oke people this is actaully a part of this years christmiss card im working on :D. i know a few things are of but its pretty  hard 2 draw 2 exact same sides. and just mirroring the pic is no fun at al ^^. i did make the miniguns and bullits in 3ds max and renderd them in a cell shaded style because drawing really rond circles by hand is also very hard ^^. well c&c are welcome
first post :D
yay its yoni