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One of my characters on a dangerous hillside...
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JT One of my characters on a dangerous hillside...
pepr 2010-05-10 20:31:19 gah, how do you people color like this?... i'm stuck on pencils.
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Random art
scanned line-art, collouring in photoshop, background is a photo.
plants vs zombie fan art~ xD
one-eyed battle bot
final page
Just a little sketch i did in class. It's Sasuke from naruto !!.. he looks a little bit older.. and he smiles !?!.. how can that be.
God, I hate folds >.<;;
wip of this character, Jack Havock, from Larklight, the book im reading :) wip. suggestions and crits appreciated =]
"SHEIK" my fav character of  The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
Wow, I took the SATS again today, I hate test anyway I was bored and this was on my mind, I have no clue why but it was, lol. Please comment I really want to improve my art, thanx.
it's a new drawing i made yesterday and compleeted today YAY!! >_< i should stop being so jolly..anyway i love my fans...sorry for the scare i'm here and staying now 4 good oke??.xxx from me
this is an eye if ound in a magazine add for some type of mascara...  i did this in the awsome oil pastels my friend gave me, woot! thanx amanda!
I've reproportioned her and corrected a few mistakes in the earlier sketch. I've also changed her crown- I've now got a winged theme running through the picture. A little more "high elf"ish. I've VERY quickly splashed on some colour to get a feel for the final thing, I'm gonna re-colour it so don't judge it all on this one. C&C welcome. (btw what colour should the hair be?)
The re-make of the death for the contest at my skool :3, enjoy and comment please
Cho Hakkai in demon form