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Intended for the book cover but was changed. Lol
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Yaz Intended for the book cover but was changed. Lol
CericCalas 2010-03-28 04:00:06 I like this picture. It's comedic cuz you have this guy swinging a sword at this other guy, and the other guy is all bright and cheery as he leisurely jumps over the sword, even fingering the sword a bit... Good stuff.
FirstBorn 2010-03-28 11:25:58 Great work as always. I like the pose, the dynamics, the use ot perspective. Love the comic too. ^_~
Yaz 2010-03-31 09:28:10 Thanks Guys! I've been wondering what I needed to do to get the comic in the manga section of MWS Firstborn.
Lalulweeb914 2010-09-22 22:25:57 I really really like this one, the perspective is great! and I love that he's holding back a sword with two fingers like that
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Random art
Hi, I drew this for school, I don't know what kind of animal it is, but I think it's kinda cute ^0^. Please enjoy ^-^
Its my first manga sketch, i hope its good.
Trying out monochrome stuff, i had a really hard time with this, suddenly i didn't knew what i was doing, C&C are welcome
breaking free!...
This is a quick sketch design for my character. Its not finshed yet, i will upload the finshed picture soon. Im learning photoshop at the moment, its my first picture done with cell shading on photoshop^^
Toshiro Kazahana with his girlfriend Kimiko.
hi guys, =3 i did this yesterday (or the day before i dont remember) xD! I like how the colorwork came out ^-^. It could use more details, so i need more practice on that.
A girl is trying to escape from sorrow and painful world
i made this draw a long time ago, now i painted it using OC .... :D symmetry is not among my greatest skills, BTW  the hair looks like bad erased because otherwise it would look like a crack on the wall. well, back to college seeya! ^-^
hi im new here this is my first picture ever, colored in photoshop
main character introduces herself..
Hi all =3 long time not been here. I like the way the art is organised now Def!

anyway, I thought I'd upload something =) just a random scene.

read from right to left. hope you like it
This is my finished version of Yuffie Kisaragi known from the Final Fantasy game "Dirge of Cerberus".

I know her facial expression is a little strange, but i'm to lazy to change it. Now at least.

Hope you like it.
Guy with a Robot arm. This was a quick sketch which i inked. I think is arm is a little too long.. i might colour this sometime.