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Intended for the book cover but was changed. Lol
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Yaz Intended for the book cover but was changed. Lol
CericCalas 2010-03-28 04:00:06 I like this picture. It's comedic cuz you have this guy swinging a sword at this other guy, and the other guy is all bright and cheery as he leisurely jumps over the sword, even fingering the sword a bit... Good stuff.
FirstBorn 2010-03-28 11:25:58 Great work as always. I like the pose, the dynamics, the use ot perspective. Love the comic too. ^_~
Yaz 2010-03-31 09:28:10 Thanks Guys! I've been wondering what I needed to do to get the comic in the manga section of MWS Firstborn.
Lalulweeb914 2010-09-22 22:25:57 I really really like this one, the perspective is great! and I love that he's holding back a sword with two fingers like that
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Random art
Doodling around and came out with this pic ^^; I started to color it pretty seriously, until my hand just say "screw it and just finish it" ^^; -- Inked by Rapidograph. Color by color pencil. Background by Photoshop 7.0
A random sketch of soldiers of some imaginery country. Gonna update this later, when I can tell more about this.
Manga Art
Here is finally one of my serious arts! It is a CG practice pic :D But ofcourse about the bg... yknow...

2nd frame! he is timothy Geron,my main character in the story!
Well I have been gone for quite a while but I will be uploading more frequently now
my character doin a lil sumtin
this is the elf i dreamed about, looked exactly like this :)
A picture I drew for a friend. I wanted to draw some sort of monster with an exoskeleton type skull lol so I did.
>>Looking UP hiGh to THa SkY ABOve........................
it workt out prety good
only the dragon is a bit smal...
eahhheehahhhh lool
Did you know vampire's don't have a reflection?  
the movie von helsing gave me this idea ^^ 
also didnt give him a shadow 
the mirror frame was gold at first... but didnt rly fit in so made it silver